ITG 1-1 Judging Thread

Re: ITG 1-1 Judging Thread

by will-i-am » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:20 pm

Excel wrote:Twisted 25.5 / 25

I'm pretty sure the max is 25 points (15 for partial reviews) even with Tilt. I know that wasn't specifically stated anywhere but that's how it has been in the past.
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Re: ITG 1-1 Judging Thread

by Excel » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:25 pm

will-i-am wrote:
Excel wrote:Twisted 25.5 / 25

I'm pretty sure the max is 25 points (15 for partial reviews) even with Tilt. I know that wasn't specifically stated anywhere but that's how it has been in the past.

Ah, okay. Thanks for catching that! I'll go ahead and modify my review accordingly.
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Re: ITG 1-1 Judging Thread

by BLueSS » Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:14 pm

will-i-am wrote:
Excel wrote:Twisted 25.5 / 25

I'm pretty sure the max is 25 points (15 for partial reviews) even with Tilt.

Indeed it is. :)
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Re: ITG 1-1 Judging Thread

by Hainaut » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:30 pm


Hard - 9.5/10
Your placement is fantastic throughout this whole chart, and your notation is creative and smoothly executed. Maybe the middle sections get somewhat repetitive, since they carry away with the same basic algorithm of four 12-notes that lead into a long 8th stream for a while, but the whole layout of this simfile is still very spot-on.

Expert - 10/10
Wow, really solid stuff here. These step patterns are really tight and solidly patterned. They're creative and ambitious, but careful enough placement-wise that they don't go overboard. I really enjoyed this, great job!

Presentation - 5/5
Nothing to complain about here. Great graphics!

Tilt - 0/1

Final Score: 24.5/25

Bloody Battle:

Hard - 5.25/10
This has a great foundation, as the rhythms and structuring you used are solid and well-varied. However, it's not executed particularly effectively, due to a large amount of bad transitions. Too many streams can't be made unless the player switches their foot with an uncomfortable doublestep. It wears on you pretty quickly and ruins the sharp focus that this could've had otherwise.

Expert - 4.5/10
At first I thought this chart had potential, but then it got really carried away with the difficulty level. Too many overdone crossovers, not to mention some very bad instances of doublestepping, detract a lot from the enjoyment factor and ultimately make me not really want to play it again, despite some generally good rhythmic notation and okay phrasing.

Presentation - 3.75/10
Graphics need work. The image is too dark and hard to read, not to mention the text is pretty flat and uninteresting. I can see that you were trying to be creative with the intro, but whatever you did causes the song to begin playing several seconds late. Small bonus for the background clips; they're just recycled from the Konami games, but there was at least a sincere effort to make them fit and flow together.

Tilt - 0/1

Final Score: 13.5/25

I Just 8 A Bit

Hard - 5.5/10
It feels like this stepchart kind of doesn't know what it wants to follow because it keeps shifting between radically different note patterns when the track hasn't changed much itself. The placement faces forward too much and doesn't have much development. Some of your footing transitions are very awkward. All in all, there just isn't much of a real focus in this chart. Needs some polishing up for sure.

Expert - 5.75/10
This is probably not the greatest song choice to take a really experimental approach with because the 8-bit synths don't do a great job of supporting such intricate patterns. In a nutshell basically, these steps are a bit too much of a mouthful of tricky patterns, many of which don't fit or even follow anything in the song. The use of jumps is poor and awkward, and a lot of the placement transitions involve bad doublestepping.

Presentation - 4.25/5
The graphics are pretty ehh. I don't like the rainbow fill in the title text, and the use of beveling is odd and unnecessary in my opinion. Also, the sync is notably early.

Tilt - 0/1

Final Score: 15.5/25

Kimi no Heart ni Lock-On

Hard - 8.75/10
A pretty solid boss-kind of chart. Most of your choices for rhythms are pretty accurate and adequately varied. However, I find your use of 12ths a bit random during measures 14-25, as there isn't much of a consistent pattern to them, surrounded by the short quarter-freezes. Overall though, not bad.

Expert - 7.5/10
This is sort of hard for me to evaluate, since it's a tough 13 that requires speed that I can hardly match even on keyboard. However, from what I can pick out, it's relatively well-made. There aren't any major problems I have with the placement, and the patterns generally fit the song pretty well, even though the speed is occasionally a bit overburdening.

Presentation - 2.5/5
Sync is unacceptably early, and the graphics are a little uninteresting, especially the text.

Tilt - 0/1

Final Score: 18.75/25

Sound of Delight

Hard - 10/10
Absolutely marvelous! Masterful placement and tons of really energetic step patterns throughout; I was highly interested in this the entire way through.

Expert - 8/10
Excellent job for the most part. However, I really dislike the frequent use of 32nds, as the rest of the chart isn't that hard, and they require ridiculous foot speed to make, especially since there's movement involved in them. I was also irritated by your use of 16th double-taps, especially during the interlude to the key change. A great stepchart overall, just brought down by some unfitting and overly difficult note patterns.

Presentation - 5/5
No issues here. Graphics are very nice.

Tilt - 0/1

Final Score: 23/25


Hard - 9.75/10
Really masterful, especially considering you're dealing with a song that's mostly 12th notes. I love that you use 12ths sparingly, and only when they're necessary, like during the standout syncopation, so that the chart still has a firm focus. Placement and step variation are great. Honestly, I have nothing to complain about, although the absence of steps at the end of the song is a bit odd - I think you could've added a few notes there.

Expert – 10/10
Quite fun. Even though this is a 12 note-based chart (for the most part), it’s excellently phrased and has really focused placement.

Presentation - 5/5
As far as graphics go, you're the man.

Tilt - -1/1
The bpm gimmicks are incredibly distracting to me and just plain unnecessary. Why is it that every other dubstep simfile goes crazy with bpm changes? I'm taking off a point for this here in the tilt because I know they were intentional, and many other people might have no technical problems with them; they're just annoying to me personally.

Final Score: 23.75/25
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