DDR 1-3 Judging Thread

Re: DDR 1-3 Judging Thread

by Ronin » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:13 am

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Bubble Pop:
Steps start to early! >.< Otherwise its really fun simfile. (HYUNA HYUNA SWINGING HIPS HYUNA SWINGING HIPS HIPS)

Flip Flap:
This is hard one... both bg and banner are horrible and steps itself have couple "wtf moments" but at the end of the day I cant resist song that have both 170-190 bpm and purple arrows :/

I'll be there for you:
Opening - one good thing about 4th season :<. Double jumps at the end and beginning... overkil. Still fun file.
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Re: DDR 1-3 Judging Thread

by cpubasic13 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:50 pm

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Very fun.
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Re: DDR 1-3 Judging Thread

by Chmurek » Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:29 pm

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That guy who made stuff like Rockhill / Vodka / Artillery / Gee
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Re: DDR 1-3 Judging Thread

by BLueSS » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:24 pm

Simply quoting this for reference in case the original post gets edited.

hellrazor wrote:I rate charts based on how they flow with the music and are dance-able. So a perfect score means I thought it went well with the music and had no errors (not that I was amazed at the steps I am being entirely objective). I'll decrease the score if I hate gimmicks enough. For brevity I thought all the arrows went well with the music unless noted otherwise, if so then I only knocked off points for making me face away from the screen unless it's a full spin and I enjoyed doing it.

Bubble Pop 22 / 25
10 / 10 - Heavy This is the exact type of chart that someone who normally double-steps would miss out on all the great turns and thus the point of the step-chart, fantastic job zero errors.
10 / 10 - Standard The ONLY problem here is all the arrows are off, play-test your charts before submitting them next time.//Changed to a 10 because BlueSS said to fix the chart before reviewing, originally I gave it a 5, in my opinion there is no excuse not to pad-test your completed entry.//
03 / 05 - Presentation Everything is great (really truly great BG/BN) except for the song-cut, there's a very noticible cut in the end that if you change the BPM to 146 (which I had to do because it was MESSY and to fix the Standard chart) causes the last few steps to be EARLY. Precision song-cuts are very important, you shouldn't cover-up sloppy cuts with sloppy BPM's.
-01 / ± 01 - Tilt Don't like the song.

Flip Flap 09 / 25
05 / 10 - Heavy From Beat 128 - 184 all those boring 12ths should be 4ths. You have a very boring chart, lots of repetitive steps with a few 12th runs here and there, it flows well enough but lacks creativity but since I'm not taking any points off for creativity you only lose points for the off-beat steps you used.
04 / 10 - Standard Same problem as Heavy and it doesn't make sense because from 184-189 you move to 4ths even though the music doesn't change. There's also a FREEZE arrow that almost hides the next step, that's a gimmick and a bad one to use in a Standard chart like this one or in ANY DDR style chart, the rest of your freeze arrows leave enough time to see the next arrow and step on it. Chart is just as boring as Heavy but without the interesting 12th runs.
01 / 05 - Presentation Google search for this song/artist reveals it's from a rhythm game already and there are great graphics available, yet you didn't use them, but you at least have something.
-01 / ± 01 - Tilt Song already has been used in other packs and rhythm games, I prefer unique music, experimentation not remakes.

I'll be there for you 24 / 25
10 / 10 - Heavy Perfect flow, the last freeze arrow is hit with the OFF foot but it doesn't matter because it's the last freeze arrow and I'm sure it was intentional with the clearly careful attention to step-placement. See I am being completely unbiased and fair and even if I wasn't I actually like your steps for this song, well done not overdone or underdone but well done.
10 / 10 - Standard Same as Heavy, last step off-foot and it's perfectly executed. Great standard steps for this song, my only complaint is the freeze arrow section there probably should have been a little less overlap between each freeze arrow.
04 / 05 - Presentation You need to match the #TITLE: with the banner, SO IF THE BANNER IS ALL CAPTIALS the TITLE should Also be in all capitals. As much as I don't want to like this I can't do it, your graphics look great and the video is a big plus and makes the graphics much more relevant and the more I play it the more I like it.
00 / ± 01 - Tilt Anime = -1point but because it looks really interesting (swords, dragons, castles, I actually WANT to watch this) +1 = 0.

Russian Unicorn 24 / 25
09 / 10 - Heavy One half-spin the rest of the steps were perfect.
10 / 10 - Standard Flawless chart.
05 / 05 - Presentation I do like your graphics although I still have no idea what this song is about.
00 / ± 01 - Tilt Have I ever mentioned I hate music in the 122-132BPM range because it's so common, why can't Pop music use faster speeds and why didn't you explain the song choice it's just odd? I don't hate pop music enough to drop your score and kudos on bringing in some cheese.

The Master ov Time 23 / 25
09 / 10 - Heavy Just one bad turn in the chart.
10 / 10 - Standard Proficient step-chart, no problems here.
03 / 05 - Presentation I think you could have had a MEAN challenge chart for this song, but I won't dock you for what could have been, instead the graphics seemed generic, they didn't mean anything to me but I guess they mean something to you. For some reason every time I see your BN or BG I wish it was an image of Orko from the old "He-Man" cartoons. I can't imagine that lost looking girl being THE MASTER ov TIME.
01 / ± 01 - Tilt For using open-licensed music, brave move.

Totalimmortal 18 / 25
08 / 10 - Challenge Two bad turns/spins at the very end, a little Afronova walk just before that not sure if that was intentional because you lost it soon after, but up to that point there were no problems with the steps.
10 / 10 - Heavy No problems in this chart although I hate the synching, it's annoying how loose you were with the BPM's but your steps were quite proficient, I would have made it an 8.
01 / 05 - Presentation Bad Sample at the "Sometimes just WALKING is surreal" it gets strangely loud at the WALKING part then quiet = very annoying. The synching is SLOPPY and has huge shifts, seems like constant over-under compensation these BPM's were much too loose for me to enjoy. Your banner looks great although the image seems random, BG is washed out and completely random, thanks for the lyrics or I would have no idea what he/she was singing "Holes through your flawless soul" no wonder they went EMO, that's not scary.
-01 / ± 01 - Tilt Low volume, brave song choice however.
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