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by BLueSS » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:24 pm

Simply quoting this for reference in case the original post gets edited.

hellrazor wrote:I rate charts based on how they flow with the music and are dance-able. So a perfect score means I thought it went well with the music and had no errors (not that I was amazed at the steps I am being entirely objective). I'll decrease the score if I hate gimmicks enough. For brevity I thought all the arrows went well with the music unless noted otherwise, if so then I only knocked off points for making me face away from the screen unless it's a full spin and I enjoyed doing it.

10 / 10 - Heavy It's A Great! Earth Turns Slowly = slow SPIN into backwards jumps but not at all hard to hit, that is an example where a SPIN makes the chart better.
08 / 10 - Standard Two bad spins, the rest is good.
04 / 05 - Presentation The banner is gravy, BG is a little washed out.
00 / ± 01 - Tilt No tilt, I would have liked to have had a harder chart somehow.

Good Time 21 / 25
10 / 10 - Heavy Fairly plain, you should have tried for some 16ths although it seems like there wasn't any part of the song that would have supported faster steps (maybe a better cut of the song would have helped)... It's technically proficient, nice flow, turns, freezes just nothing remarkable but since I'm judging on technical proficiency this round you WIN.
10 / 10 - Standard Still technically proficient, good use of turns again, seems very similar to Hard but not much you can do with this song.
01 / 05 - Presentation One point for trying. Banner is plain, BG is just random, even the text is rough on the edges, the cut at the end of the song is bad, sample is even bad it starts at "IME"?
00 / ± 01 - Tilt No tilt, I will have to try your doubles charts though.

Hyadain no Kakakata 18 / 25
06 / 10 - Heavy From beat 94 to 158 there should be no 16ths or 8ths all those steps should be 1/4ths and 1/12ths. The way it is now is off-beat. All the patterns work but you missed something very obvious.
08 / 10 - Standard Same as Hard but fewer steps I had to fix so less of a penalty, your step patterns still flow very well just the one off-beat section.
05 / 05 - Presentation Let's see, your graphics are great, video is a plus, fade into an image works, you have everything right.
-01 / ± 01 - Tilt I don't like the song choice.

09 / 10 - Challenge Step at beat 23 turns me backwards, the rest of the chart is perfect actually better than that, you use lots of turns but they all work very well so it's strange you missed one.
06 / 10 - Heavy Four double-steps caused here, you should have employed measures similar to the challenge to either use freezes to force the double-step or jumps to straighten out the player but then it would have just been your challenge chart so just work on player positioning.
05 / 05 - Presentation Fantastic presentation.
01 / ± 01 - Tilt I like the song choice, good job on branching out.

Max 150 24 / 25
10 / 10 - Challenge Nailed it.
10 / 10 - Heavy Nailed it here as well, good job on player positioning.
05 / 05 - Presentation I like it, I even like your CDTitle image.
-01 / ± 01 - Tilt Another Max 150? At least it's a different mix than what I'm used to, I hate the STOP.

SPARKS FLY 24 / 25
10 / 10 - Heavy Perfect.
09 / 10 - Standard One double-step and there's a big break between the steps but that doesn't excuse it.
05 / 05 - Presentation I like your graphics and overall presentation.
00 / ± 01 - Tilt Generic pop music, no bonus.
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