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ANNOUNCEMENT: We now have an open download policy, so we can offer all members equal downloading rights from day 1!!


After much anticipation and a massive flurry of entries, it is with great pleasure that I present to you our "little filler pack before the next contest" (yeah right! :lol:) - ANYTHING GOES!!

Songlist (112 entries)

80s STARS - Eiffel 65 [Super_Ray]
AMERICAN BOY - Estelle feat. Kanye West [Anonymous]
AMERICAN IDIOT - Green Day [Zounder]
ANDANTE - Hitomi Yaida [Xythar]
ANYBODY (MOVIN' ON) - Masterboy [#Infinity]
AROUND THE WORLD - Monkey Majik [Oni-91]
ATMOSPHERE ENTRY - Jabberloop [x0_000]
BOYS - Ashlee Simpson [JukuGuy]
BREAK IT - Kara [Zounchny]
BROTHER LOUIE '98 - Modern Talking [the_ditz]
BUTTERFLY (Imago Remix) - [x0_000]
CARAMELLDANSEN - Caramell [ToyoWolf]
CELEBRATE - Utada Hikaru [#Infinity]
CLIO - Co-Ping [Super_Ray]
CLOSER - Ne-Yo [JukuGuy]
COCONUT - [Wellian]
COME RUNNING - Darren Styles [Anonymous]
CONTRACT - Suzaku [Super_Ray]
COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS (Axwell Radio Edit) - Sunfreakz feat. Andrea Britton [JukuGuy]
CROWD CONTROL - Waterflame [Oni-91]
CRY FOR YOU - September [JukuGuy]
DEVIL INSIDE (Richard Vission Radio Edit) - Utada [Anonymous]
DIAMOND DUST ZONE ACT 1 - Sonic Team [Kewing Darksun]
DISCO'S REVENGE 2008 (Freemasons Mix) - Gusto [Anonymous]
DJ, TAKE ME AWAY - Deep Zone & Balthazar [Oni-91]
DON'T STOP THE MUSIC - Rihanna [Akira]
DONALD RANLANLOO - 2KB [Kewing Darksun]
DREAMER - Yuzo Koshiro [Kewing Darksun]
DREAMS (Bootleg Mix) - FNP vs. Gabrielle [mightymuffy]
EASY (Ultrabeat Mix) - Sugababes [Anonymous]
FEEDBACK (Wideboys Radio Edit) - Janet Jackson [Anonymous]
FESTAREILLA VOL. 1 - Luomuhappo [x0_000]
FEVER - Paul Harris [#Infinity]
FILL THIS NIGHT - Clazziquai Project [#Infchny]
FINGERS - GMS [x0_000]
FOREVER YOUNG - Symbol [Oni-91]
FUNKY WARRIORS - Tommy K. [#Infinity]
GANGURO - Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado [Anonymous]
GIRL OVERBOARD - Girls Aloud [the_ditz]
GO GODZILLA GO - Ika [Lilina_]
GOING TO SUZUKA (Shoemaker Mix) - S&K [Anonymous]
GRANITE - Pendulum [Oni-91]
HEAVEN ABOVE - kors k [Oni-91]
HERE WITH ME - Michelle Branch [Super_Ray]
I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' - Scissor Sisters [Anonymous]
I'M YOUR MOON - Jonathan Coulton [x0_000]
IN--GROOVE - Jabberloop [x0_000]
INFINITE SPACE - m@sumi [Super_Ray]
INTO THE INFINITE JAZZ - Jabberloop [x0_000]
KACHOUFUUSETSU - Byakko [Anonymous]
L.A. RIDER - Mutsuhiko Izumi [Oni-91]
LA LA SUPERSTAR (Lagerfeldt Remix) - Me & My [Anonymous]
LITTLE OF YOUR TIME - Maroon 5 [Zounder]
LOVE HAS GONE - Dave Armstrong ft. Redroche & H-Boogie [JukuGuy]
LOVING HONEY - Linda Ross [#Infinity]
LUCKY GIRL DE IKOU - Key-A-Kiss [Akira]
MAZINGER GO! - Jimmy Bravo [Lilina_]
MEI - Amuro vs. Killer (doubles only - Autogen singles)[Wellian]
MEI - Amuro vs. Killer [Kewing Darksun]
MIDIHIKIPAJA - Luomuhappo [x0_000]
MOTTEKE! SAILOR FUKU (imutoid's FF6 Remix) - imutoid [x0_000]
MY DIRECTION (Squad-E Remix) - D-Code feat. Emma [will-i-am]
MY STARS - Kimmy [#Infinity]
MY SUPERMAN - Pizza Girl [#Infinity]
NAPALM DAYS - Naika [the_ditz]
NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (No These) - Rew [x0_000]
NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (2005 White Label Club Remix) - Rick Astley [Oni-91]
NORTH - Wall 5 [Super_Ray & Wellian]
NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL - Mai Kuraki [Super_Ray]
OUR TIME NOW - Plain White T's [Anonymous]
PARA PARA PARA NIGHT - Frank Torpedo [#Infinity]
POWELL -80^2 Trance Gate Mix - Levo Lution XII [Lix] [Kewing Darksun]
QELE, QELE - Sirusho [the_ditz]
QUELL (THE SEVENTH SLAVE) [Another] - DJ Yoshitaka vs. dj Taka [Anonymous]
RESONANT BLUE - Morning Musume [Anonymous]
ROCK IT - Radiorama [#Infinity]
RUNNING IN THE 90's - Max Coveri [Anonymous]
SEUL KI SAY - Bae Seul Ki [Super_Ray]
SHADOUTOFTUNEMAN - Tackle [x0_000]
SHE IS BEAUTIFUL - Andrew W.K. [#Infinity]
SHOW ME THE LIGHT - Lunaspace [x0_000]
SOUND OF GIALLARHORN - L.E.D.-G [tsugaru7reveng]
SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD) - Danzel [x0_000]
STREAMLINE - Pendulum [Oni-91]
STRIP MINE - Beatdrop [x0_000]
TEMPLE OF LOVE - BWO [the_ditz]
TETRIS TRANCE - 2PM [x0_000]
THE BEACH (Remix) - Dynamic [x0_000]
THE SEVEN OCEAN - Hajime [Super_Ray]
THE WARRIOR - Scandal [Zounder]
TIDAL TEMPEST 'B' MIX...from Sonic the Hedgehog CD - Noafumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata
[Kewing Darksun]
TIDE - E-Type [the_ditz]
TOGETHER FOREVER - Cydney D. [Akira]
TOO FAST FOR LOVE - Doki Doki [the_ditz]
TROOPERS - Des-Tract [Akira]
UBERTREFFEN - TAKA respect for J.S.B. [tsugaru7reveng]
UCCELLO ROSSO - Kizakura [x0_000]
UGETSU - Jabberloop [x0_000]
VODA - Elitsa Todorov & Stojan Jankulov [Oni-91]
VODKA - Morena [x0_000]
W-H-Y - Lee Hom [x0_000]
WORLD, HOLD ON - Bob Sinclar [Super_Ray]
YASSOU MARIA - Sarbel [x0_000]
YOU MAKE ME FEEL...MORE & MORE - Becca [the_ditz]
YOUR SONG (Fine Weather Mix) - Aya Matsuura [Xythar]

To download this pack, please visit the following link (you will need a account to access the forum) - ... =18&t=2652

Many thanks to Akira for designing the mix banners. ;)

Thanks for your support - your feedback is appreciated and encouraged!! Enjoy! ;)

Image REVISITED - Video Games event now playing!

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