DDRMAX3: Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix

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DDRMAX3: Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix

by Juub005 » Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:42 pm

Download here!!

Well, there was never a DDRMAX3, and DDR Extreme was never formally called 8th Mix.

Enough of the formal justification. ;) This is DDRMAX3: Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix, brought to you by Ken and Titiln from nDDRo along with a group of Ken's friends. Not including secrets, it features 70 songs including DDR-featured artists that you know and love such as smile.dk, DJ ALIGATOR PROJECT, Ni-Ni, Bus Stop, Tess, nc feat. NRG Factory, JOHN DESIRE, X-TREME, JENNY ROM, CAPTAIN JACK, 2 UNLIMITED, Kylie Minogue, Wildside, and the Spice Girls... and I'm not even close to done with that list. Keeping faithful to how DDR works, it includes Single and Double steps along with background animations for every song.

What are you waiting for? LET'S MAX!
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Re: DDRMAX3: Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix

by Titiln » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:08 pm

i'm bumping this decade old thread to say ddrmax 3 has been updated, and that nddro is back :twisted:
i got mad hits like i was rod carew
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