Best of 2012 Lists, incl. a little shameless self-promo

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Best of 2012 Lists, incl. a little shameless self-promo

by will-i-am » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:06 pm

Hey guys, check out my blog! It's called Bloc Rockin' Beats, which is almost entirely taken from that one song by The Chemical Brothers. I'm in the middle of posting my end of the year Best of 2012 lists.


2012 was a huge year for music across all genres. Dance made it's way to the pinnacle of top 40, K-pop made it's way into the top 40, and indie music continued to be overshadowed (minus a lucky few: fun., Gotye, and Alex Clare)!

I attempt to highlight as many areas of the past year's music in my reflection. There are 4 lists I will be posting during the month of January, a few of which are already up and completed!

#1: Top 15 EPs of 2012

A select few EPs I felt surpassed the rest. Remix EPs don't count and each EP listed includes a minimum of 3 original tracks.

See the full list here!

#2: Top 50 Club Songs of 2012

EDM continues to pave through its course towards global domination. A decent portion of the music still sucks, but much of it is really good! Any EDM track or remix released on its own is eligible, as well as EP tracks, but album cuts are cut out. If you know of a club song that belongs on this list but didn't show, don't fret! It'll probably appear somewhere in the Best 100 Singles list.

See the full list here!

#3: Best 25 Albums of 2012

The year-end standard. While albums sales persist on failing to meet label expectations, their quality of content is paradoxically increasing! 2012 was no exception.

This list is in the works.

#4: Best 100 Singles of 2012

La crème de la crème, which is why it's tediously being announced in portions. Singles are still the most marketable musical unit, even with all the pirating. There were a ton of stand-out tracks released during the past 12 months, but only official single releases will be included in this 100 slot ranking.

See Singles #100 - #51 here!

For further guidelines, see this post.

I will be keeping this thread up to date upon my reveals, but as to not spoil anything, rankings will only be available via the blog.

What were your favorite songs, albums, or EPs of 2012? I'm eager to hear everyone else's opinions. You by no means have to spend as much time compiling them as I have, or go to the lengths of listing 100 songs in a specific order. Try for 10, and if you feel up for the challenge, take it a step further. This is all in fun and all opinion based, so c'mon, join the fun and participate!
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