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Omega GX - Brand New Precision Dance Pad

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:45 pm
by hellrazor
It's my own design and it's AMAZING, I have tossed out my other four dance pads because this one is superior in every way. I'm working on a design patent and I'll be selling these pads on Amazon. Here's some videos I made of the final product:

Due to their relatively light weight I'm open to the idea of international shipping but I haven't got any shipping price quotes yet, I'm about 50% complete with building my second pad and both are MINE, then I'll work on building two more for sale on Amazon. I only bought enough supplies to build four pads as I wasn't positive about my design although I'm now 100% certain of the design as it has met and exceeded all of my expectations and I had very high expectations. I'll also record more videos, it only takes a 2lb weight to activate a sensor (peg it) and there's no weight limit. The sensors are hyper responsive they don't ghost or double trigger and they kick back instantly and require absolutely NO maintenance. The pad dimensions are 35"x35"x7/16" and just under 9lbs, the arrows are a full 11"x11" with no dead sections (brackets) the start/select are 8"x2.75" and all it takes is the rug grip and four little pieces of velcro and the pad doesn't slide at all. There are NO screws at all, and the pad is easy to clean, just a damp cloth and wipe it clean due to no crevices. You can also play barefoot/socks/shoes it doesn't matter, it's not really a metal pad as it's somewhat flexible and it's not at all a soft pad although it is really light, it's half-way between the two and is the best of both worlds.

Price will be $250+shipping, I spent a pretty penny getting all the materials and tools I need to build these pads I wanted them to be #1 extremely responsive and #2 durable. Originally I was going to have a plain pad without images but it would have been really ugly so much of my cost was associated with just figuring out how to get graphics on the pad without affecting performance. You can even get a good feel for foot placement as there are soft barriers around the arrows so you can feel where your foot is without looking.

I was mostly inspired to build this design by my wife who wanted a pad she could play barefoot (if you recall I modified my old pads with a chair mat but that killed performance, so I went screwless but that still caused cuts as the crevices would nick your feet and the cable ties as well). I was also eager to build pads because the other good pad manufacturers are out of business, but I'm confident my pads are superior in every way. In fact if anyone lives nearby (East Tennessee) you can pick up my old dance pads, they are going to the dump this week if nobody wants them.

Re: Omega GX - Brand New Precision Dance Pad

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:17 pm
by hellrazor
I've sold about 6 of these pads so far, all responses have been extremely positive. Best dance pad in the world made exclusively by yours truly.